by John D, a California prisoner

I cry because my friend makes me happy
I cry missing my Priestly advisor
He has gone away
I am moved by what he writes
Music brings him close to mind and heart
We used to walk, my mirror friend and I
Someday we will again, but until then
you will be in my prayers.

Can a man cry? Did your mom or dad tell you “You are too sensitive—grow up—be a man!” Does art and music move you as a reflection of a vibrant life? Is beauty in nature enough to make your soul soar? Do you have a friend who instinctively knows when you are up or down? Does this man worry more about others than himself? Are chaos, noise, and hateful behavior so painful this man withdraws into a shell? Will he survive? What role does science and psychology play in the traits of behavior? Is he an H.S.P.?

© 2011 Permission to publish granted by John D